It is here, in Valpolicella, that the history of Dindo family begins. With its ageing reds and the scents of this land in the heart.

A small company with a local spirit that promotes the uniqueness of the land and territory, enhancing its values ​​and properties, with a careful look to innovation.


The Dindo farm is a wine growing company that has grown over time, it was born in the 1960s.

With a history that preserves ancient methods and traditions, the wine estate is run with pride and devotion for over three generations. Originally, grandfather Giovanni loved to make wine for the pleasure of drinking it in company, this made him feel part of its territory and its people.

With the extension of new lands and the adoption of new working methods, today the Dindo family leads with passion and dedication its farm as a small family-run winery.

The winery is located in the heart of the classic Valpolicella, a oasis of happiness of hills that extend along five small villages a few kilometers from Verona

From here breathtaking panoramas and enotourist itineraries lead the view to the wonderful waters of Lake Garda.

A soil composed by clay and limestone, where the climatic conditions are perfect to ensure an excellent ripening of the grapes for the production of powerful, structured wines, ideal for a long ageing process.

The Dindo farm looks from a privileged window overlooking the village of Fumane, from the top of Sant'Urbano Mountain, the whole valley with its five hectares of land owned, planted with vineyards, for the production of red wines with a great personality, ready to drink and with a pleasant character, which are perfect for a convivial meal.

The rows are arranged on terraced slopes, reinforced with dry stone walls, at an altitude of 300 m above sea level. The strategic position of the vineyards enjoys the constant presence of the sun and a gentle breeze, which caresses the growing bunches and gives them strength and healthiness.

From here comes a wine with a unique and well balanced taste.