Our daily efforts in the vineyards. The perfect blend that transforms our wine into art is born from the encounter of three generations.

Over time we have refined a process that allows us to obtain great wines suitable for ageing.

Good wine is the result of meticulous work both in the vineyard and in the cellar, thanks this awareness our method is born.

Creazione della mappa dei vitigni

1. Creation of the Map of the Vines

The plots are divided on the basis of the measuring results

Creazione della mappa dei vitigni

2. Measurement in the vineyard

Phenolic substances inside the grapes are spot-checked

Creazione della mappa dei vitigni

3. Monitoring of oxygen in wine production

During all stages of work in the cellar

Creazione della mappa dei vitigni

4. Analysis of colour

To ensure that the wine keeps it during ageing

The company's desire today is to produce high quality wines, treated in detail, with particular attention to the stage that precedes the moment of the harvest.

Thanks to special instruments and techniques of innovation in the wine sector, a preliminary analysis of the grapes is performed to measure their phenolic potential, when the bunch is still attached to the vine: before harvesting, from mid August, a mapping of all the vineyards is drawn by selecting the grapes richest in polyphenols.

In this stage, the degree of maturation of the grapes is analyzed considering the concentration of phenolic substances present inside them, precious sentinels, which contribute to determine the sensation in the mouth and the colour of the wine.

The bunches of each vineyard take part in a kind of test of strength, which will be won by the grapes that show to be more "muscular", thanks to the inherent properties of skin and seed.

From here comes the "Dindo method", which encourage the winemaking and ageing process with an analysis upstream of its structure. A method gradually refined over the years thanks to the experience in the field, which provides for a care and a deep-rooted passion for the art of winemaking.